Food Facts

Lemon & Ginger

After an exhausting and frustrating day at work the one thing that calms me down and brings me back to my happy self is a cup of tea.  It can be fruity, floral, green, black, depending on the mood of the day, but always with a slice of lemon and ginger.

Lemon and ginger compliment each other so well.  They both revitalize and relax me at the same time, a unique mix.  I want to explore how good for us these items that make me feel good are.

Lemons contain flavonoid, a composite that holds antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It helps to prevent diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure, skin care, fever, hair care, dental care, indigestion and many other health problems.

Lemon is a natural antiseptic medicine, and can cure skin problems. Due to its skin enhancing qualities, lemon also acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles, blackheads and acne. As a natural antiseptic, the juice of the lemon will destroy harmful bacteria found in the cuts and other areas of infection.

Due to its high potassium content, lemon should be used by people with high blood pressure, it is known to control and minimize it.

Lemons can assist in weight loss due to the high pectin level in citrus fruits.  Pectin is a type of soluble fiber that keep blood sugar and cholesterol low.

There are so many health benefits from lemons and lemon juice I can not cover them all, but here is a last list of additional lemon facts: Lemon is used in the  treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, fever, hair care, skin care, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, respiratory disorders, and cholera.  Lemons help to strengthen your immune system and cleanses your stomach. It is not only a blood purifier but also enables the body to fight diseases.

Ginger is often used to treat cold symptoms. Sore throats and blocked noses can be soothed by the spice’s natural heat and flavour, and because it natural anti-inflammatory. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties are also reputed to help those who have arthritis

Five grams of dried ginger per day slows the production of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides in the liver. Ginger also hinders platelets from sticking together, thus decreasing the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Ginger is being studied as a treatment of ovarian cancer. Studies show that ginger powder induces cell death in all ovarian cancer cells to which it was applied.  It has also been found that ginger may slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

The oils in ginger (gingerols and shogaols) stimulate your body to produce more digestive juices and help neutralize the stomach acids that cause cramping , nausea and diarrhea.

Ginger has also been known to relieve migraines and headaches, no wonder it makes me feel better after a bad day.



Almonds are the most nutrient-dense tree nut.  An excellent source of vitamin B, E, magnesium, folic acid, protein and fiber.

Almonds contain tryptophan, an essential amino acid, which assists in brain development. Phosphoruscontent in almonds also helps in developing brain and muscle tissues. Another benefit is memory improvement. Having 5 to 6 overnight soaked almonds in water or milk every morning can work to improve memory.  On top of all that almonds can also help to relieve stress and control mood swings.

Eating one ounce of almonds everyday can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.  One ounce of almonds is a about 23 almonds.  Don’t feel a need to stop at 23, eating two ounces of almonds daily causes zero weight gain and can assist in weight management.  The fiber in almonds can block some of the nuts fat and calories from being absorbed by the human body.  So enjoy a few handfuls a day!

I love to just snack on a bowl of almonds, but these little nuts for many uses.  They add a great crunch to muffins, scones, or any baking endeavour.  Try putting a few in a salad with cranberries, raisons and some yummy blue cheese!  For a funky salad appetizer how about endive with ricotta, almonds and raisins.


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