Grilled Cheese

I would live a very happy life if all I ate was cheese and cookies. It might be a very short life, but definitly happy. I put cheese on practically everything I eat (except cookies, but always potatoes!) One the best forms of cheese consumption has to be the grilled cheese sandwich. Gooey cheese, butter and carbs = a happy tummy!

Vancouver has some fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches to offer, here are a few of my favourite:

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

At Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck you pick your favourite cheese and bread to create your sandwich. Additions of tomato, red onion, dill pickle, double smoked bacon, chilli or doubling your cheese can also be made to your sandwich. I have tried several combinations and they are all delicious. For my taste I like the addition of red onion, the gooey cheese and velvety buttered bread can become very soft, I enjoy the texture and crunch the onion brings to the sandwich.

The truck has two speciality sandwiches:

Mom’s meatloaf Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which is next on my list to try. I have heard it is very hearty, might be a good idea to split it with a friend.

The Jackson 3 is my absolute favourite. This one is a mouthful: a triple decker sourdough sandwich filled with Brie, Boursin and Gruyere. It is so creamy and delicious! I of course add red onion.

Karen’s killer chilli is so comforting on a cold winter day however when eaten with a sandwich I was in a over-full food coma for hours!

The truck also offers up some yummy sounding desserts but I am always so full from the sandwiches to try anything more, I will have to visit this truck more often to try out all of the offerings.

Acme Cafe

Acme has two grilled cheese sandwiches on their menu. First is classic grilled cheese: grilled with aged white cheddar on your choice of bread.

Acme’s second offering is their highfalutin’ grilled cheese. I call this one the suped up grilled cheese, I have actually mistakenly ordered it with that name, but they knew what I meant. This gorgeous sandwich is served on a Ciabatta and includes cheddar, swiss, brie, and cranberry-Grand Marnier relish.

The cranberry relish on this sandwich reminds me of thanksgiving. As much as I enjoy the relish I found it made the sandwich overly sweet. I add dijon mustard to mine, I find the tanginess of the mustard off sets the sweet cranberry flavour.

Meat & Bread

The grilled cheese sandwich at Meat & Bread is simple and perfect: aged white cheddar and shaved onion. The texture balance of the cheese and onion is perfect. I love aged white cheddar so I appreciate their choice to keep it simple with this single classic cheese.

It is served with Meat & Bread’s tangy mustard. I love mustard especially with cheese, dipping this sandwich in their mustard is like the icing on the cake of this classic cheesy lunch treat!


Pizza Heaven

#43 on Vancouver magazines top 100 things to eat and drink in Vancouver is the Bianca Pizza at Nicili Antica. The toppings on this pizza were a perfect balance of everything fabulous: roasted garlic, roasted onion, parmigiano, gorgonzola and of course a healthy topping of extra virgin olive oil.

The pizza at Nicili Antica was very tasty but if you are looking for the best pizza in the city Nook is the place to go. The pizza crust at Nook is soft, salty and perfect every time. The pizza at Nicili Antica was very well made and very appetizing but compared to Nook the crust seemed very tough.

I love thin crust pizza. I have been addicted to Nook pizza since the very first bite. I always order the special, they are fabulous at coming up with new delectable combinations with garlic, onion, and pancetta, often using in-season vegetables and speciality cheeses. Burrata cheese can comely be found on pizza special or the crostini special, it is so creamy and scrumptious, you have to try it! The pasta is also fantastic. I love the Spaghetti Bolognese, a common dish made so well with great quality ingredients and perfect spicing.

Go Fish

Hungry Penguins need fish!  I satisfied my fish cravings at Go Fish this weekend.  It was the perfect lunch for the first rainy saturday of the season.

Classic 2 piece fish & chips (1 salmon/1 cod)

Qualicum bay scallop sandwich with sweet mesquite BBQ sauce & caramelized onions.

Go Fish