New Start?

I love to eat!  Who doesn’t love to eat right?  Food is such a large part of lives, we talk about it, we socialize around it, we also of course need it to live.  I have been thinking and reading about that last part for a few weeks which has inspired me to take this barely used blog in a different direction.  I am hoping I will give the blog more attention under a new theme.  It seems that while I love to eat I am not very good at or motivated to write about what I am eating.  I would rather spend the time cooking and eating.  The problem with eating is that not every thing that I love to eat loves me back, I mean to say it is bad for my health (such as my dear love the cookie.) I will delve more into my bitter sweet relationship with cookies on another post, for now I want to leave you with some never posted pics from the last couple months.  Even though I have not been posting that does not mean I have not been cooking. Before I turn this into one off those boring health food blogs and start posting pictures of sprouts (I really do have pics of sprouts to post, gah!) I thought I would purge my photo album of all the good stuff. : )

Let’s start with the cookies and sweets (of course)

Attempts at bread

Some appetizers (just cause I like mini-food)

One entree to share in preparation for my trip to Spain later this month, Migas!


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